Call for Abstracts

Pan African International Research Congress on Knowledge Generation and Dissemination in Africa (PAIRC-2018) 

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Preparations in top Science and Technology for Sustainable Development

• Food security and improved nutrition for sustainable


• Renewable and non-renewable energy for development

• Sustainable agriculture, livestock and aquaculture

• Sustainable consumption and production patterns for


• Science & Engineering technologies for sustainable development

Education, Social Services and Health for Sustainable


• Health sciences and promotion of human well-being

• Access to quality, inclusive & equitable education at all


• Management of water resources, availability and provision

of water and sanitation for development

• Peaceful and inclusive societies for development

• Accountability and justice for peaceful coexistence

Governance and Economic Development

• Strategic planning for poverty reduction and socioeconomic


• Gender equity and empowerment of all for socioeconomic


• Sustainable economic growth and productive employment

for all

• Rational and equitable distribution of resources

• Global cohesion and integration for peace and development

Indigenous and Alternative Knowledge Systems

for Development

• Alternative medicine and cultural determinants of health

and well-being

• Indigenous methods, traditional rights and cultural diversity

• Traditional foods, nutrition and well being

• Community led solutions: cultural resurgence and resilience

• Manifold and divergent indigenous identities to nation


Research and Knowledge Management for Commercialization

• Sustainable infrastructure and innovations for industrial


• Research, innovation & intellectual property for wealth

creation and development

• Indigenous knowledge management & information sharing

• Strategic intellectual property management & commercialization

• Capacity building for productive research and sustainable


Climate Change and Environmental Management

for Sustainable Development

• Global warming, climate change and climate variability

• Sustainable utilization of marine resources and use of

terrestrial biodiversity and ecosystems for development

• Promote sustainable use of land, combat desertification,

halt and reverse land degradation

• Safe and sustainable planning for human settlements


• Waste management and environmental pollution




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