Benefits of joining MMUSTAA

The activities of the association benefit both the Alumni and the University. The Alumni can relate directly to the university. Members have access to the larger job market due to the fact that the Alumni Association has connections to various employers. Thus by being a member, one enhances his/ her chances of getting linked to the society in positions of service. We as well keep our members informed of the professional and academic opportunities available from time to time. Moreover, members of MMUSTAA have the right to vote at all general meetings of the Alumni Association. They too have a right to vie for elective posts in the Association. This right is only a preserve of the registered ordinary members of MMUSTAA. By participating in leadership activities, members have a chance to improve on their own leadership and organizational skills and hence becoming relevant to the society, which so much needs an efficient and effective workforce. This as well improves on an individual’s C.V. for future prospects in life.

MMUSTAA also plays a major role in enhancing Alumni identification with their Alma Matter. It is of great value to keep identifying with the institution which has shaped our future. One way of being in touch with our esteemed institution is by being an active member of MMUSTAA. MMUSTAA therefore serves to bridge between the Alumni and their Alma matter.

It is worth noting that MMUSTAA has made provision for an award known as the Annual Alumni Award (AAA) which is meant for members whose performance in their professional fields are outstanding. This recognition is meant to appreciate quality service to the society especially in building professionalism and hence quality service to the society.

The Alumni of any given institution are the most precious assets that those institutions have as their products. The society will appraise our institution by keenly watching its products. By strengthening MMUSTAA the University of Choice stands a better chance of having more impact in the society. Hence to this point, it is not in vain that we all are here united in purpose and mind in pursuit of better service to the society through the Alumni from the University of Choice.

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