Centre for Kakamega Tropical Forest Studies (CEKATFOS)

The world is now focused on implementing the 17 SDGs. Established in 2011 as a Directorate, the Centre for Kakamega Tropical Forest Studies (CEKATFOS) research activities are focused on, forest biodiversity and sustainable landscapes that are able to support food and energy production, enhance climate change mitigation and adaptation strategies and provide people friendly and pro-poor solutions through prudent forest management and restoration activities.

Its rebranding to the Centre for Integrated Sustainable Conservation Studies (CISCS) will entail to embody this philosophy while the launch of the African Journal for Conservation Studies (AJICS) in 2017 will capture scientific and outreach outputs from various categories of researchers.


CEKATFOS also looks into issues of environmental sustainability that inter alia involve, Environmental Sustainability Planning, Pollution Control, Promoting Environmental protection and conservation through partnerships with stakeholders, Environmental Ecological Enhancement and Education and Awareness


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