System Administration

This section is responsible for the upkeep, configuration, and reliable operation of computer systems.

The section seeks to ensure that the uptime, performance, resources, and security of MMUST systems meet the needs of the users.

The functions of System Administration Division include:

  • Cooperation with appropriate establishments to ensure continuous and safe operation of information and communication facilities for electronic information exchange.
  • Ensuring information security from unauthorized access.
  • Database administration, ensuring data backup and recovery. Cooperation with an appropriate unit of the Ministry of Finance of Georgia aiming at elaboration of recovery plan and recurrent testing.
  • Within the competence efficient response to incidents registered in the system with the purpose of their elimination, identification and record keeping of raised problems, taking measures required to solve the problems.
  • Participation in development of a plan to ensure continuous operation of information and communication infrastructure
  • Continuous monitoring and optimization of information and communication infrastructure and making provisions for appropriate preventive measures to prevent incidents on a preliminary basis.

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