Network Section

The Network section provides high-speed network system which is essential for the University to achieve its activities. Without an efficient, high performance, well-managed network, our academic and administrative processes would grind to a halt.

The current network infrastructure uses fiber optic backbone network to transmit data throughout the campus. The goal is to setup network outlets so that each office, residence hall room, and lecture room on campus has a direct connection to campus computing resources and the Internet (Either by cable or wireless)

Network protocol supported in our network is TCP/IP. DHCP is used to automatically assign a network address to each end user device when it is connected to the network.

Core functions of the section

  • Designing efficient and secure Campus Network
  • Provision of connection points to the University backbone to Faculties and Administrative Units.
  • Performing continuous research and system integration especially on open source solutions.
  • Managing accessibility to internet by staff, students and other researchers.
  • Optimization of the available bandwidth through the utilisation of a bandwidth manager and caches servers.
  • Management of Network related services / servers

Connect with us

Director, ICT Services

Masinde Muliro University of Science & Technology,

P.O. Box, 190-50100, Kakamega, Kenya

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