Community Liaison Office

The Community Liaison office, headed by Mr. Oscar Waswa was established for the purpose/s of providing support to the instructional program with specific responsibilities for providing information on programs/services available to students and families as well as school and/or district activities and procedures; referring families to other agencies; and fostering an ongoing partnership between the local community and the University.

One common duty of the community liaison office is to give safety presentations to community organizations and schools. We also may work to improve problematic areas, neighborhoods, or cities and visit with citizens to increase crime awareness and prevention. Additionally, we also host or attend regular community meetings.

Reporting to the Vice Chancellor in relation to administrative issues, the Community Liaison Officer (CLOs) contributes significantly by serving as the primary contact with stakeholders, including contact community, community organizations, staff, students, parents, guardians and sponsors. This position is assigned to our catchment area and is relied on to independently represent MMUST Culture and relevant programs in a highly professional manner when interacting with stakeholders.

A key accountability for the Community Liaison Officer is to ensure that stakeholders are provided with comprehensive resources, consultation, and advice to facilitate suitable consultative mechanisms and procedures to provide a non-threatening environment for effective two-way communications between the university and the contact community. This will support and enhance contact community and university relations .CLOs work closely with stakeholders, contact community, community organizations, staff, students, parents, guardians and sponsors to enhance positive relationship while ensuring associated decisions are consistent with applicable policies, processes and systems.

Given the Community Liaison Officer's awareness and understanding of stakeholders, the contact community, community organizations, staff, students, parents, guardians and sponsors perspectives and requirements, this position is relied on to assist in the development of the university and contact community links, and provision of information and support on education related issues for facilitation of partnerships in decision making to enhance learning. Important attributes associated with position responsibilities include the ability to adapt to changing priorities; quickly assess complex situations; identify potential inconsistencies in relations between the contact community and the university; and develop appropriate solutions and recommendations.

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