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Quality Assurance was established in 2008, then as quality assurance unit before its current status that was elevated to a Directorate of Quality Assurance (DQA) with the view to improve efficiency, relevance and effectiveness in university products realization.

The challenges of globalization at national, regional and international levels further reiterated the need for Quality Assurance. MMUST commitment is reflected in the statements of the Vision, Mission and Core values and the University quality objectives.

Quality Assurance Directorate is also committed towards the achievement of the University strategic plan of 2015/16-2019/20, thorough monitoring and evaluation of planned activities to meet its set targets and standards through monitoring of the QMS.

The embedding of the evaluation mechanisms include among them assessment of quality assurance in various university processes, customer feedback from various stakeholders and clients etc.



The following are just of few of the major milestones achieved, starting from our preparation for ISO 9001 recognition:

Continual Improvement training on developing of SMART objectives
Performing Root Cause analysis, Corrections and corrective actions
Conducted 9 Internal Quality Audits since 2011
Trained over 80 internal Quality Auditors and over 15 Lead auditors
Management Review Meetings (9th MRM)
Preparation of Corrective action plan (CAP) Completed
Restructuring of academic Programmes in line with CUE requirements.
Developed module Service Level Agreement modules for departmental customization
Directorates Service Level Agreement
Developed more Monitoring and Evaluation tools

Vision Statement

To provide outstanding service to the University and its Clients

Mission Statement

We are committed to creativity and orderliness in the service of our clients with respect and excellence.

General objective

To ensure that there is a high academic standard through continuous improvement of quality university education, training and research in line with the university’s strategic plan, act, charter, statutes and ISO standards.

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