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  • Directorate of Research Extension & Linkages

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  • Directorate of Research Extension & Linkages

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Research, Extension And Linkages


The Directorate of Research, Extension and Linkages (REL) was established in 2009 within the Division of Planning, Research and Innovation (PR&I). It is headed and coordinated by a Director who is answerable directly to Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Planning, Research and Innovation (PR & I).
The Directorate of Research, Extension and Linkages (REL) is charged with the responsibility of administering the research policy in the University. The directorate coordinates research proposal ethical review, identifying and circulating sources of research funding opportunities and bringing the same to the attention of researchers. It also ensures that researchers are provided with expert guidance in research proposal development. This ensures the staff maximizes the returns from their research activities.

The Directorate has also compiled a database of University research publications and mobilized researchers from various academic disciplines to write proposals in response to calls for proposals made by various granting organizations.
One of the measures of relevance to any university is the level at which research knowledge generated from the university is converted into useful application in society.

For the research to find its way to the industry and indeed the end-users, the University needs to engage users actively in order to understand their needs. The University, through the Directorate of REL needs to conduct and coordinate University exhibitions, technical meetings and other fora. It also needs to accomplish training programs and rural prospects of Community Based Organizations (CBOs), women groups, youth groups, persons with disabilities, schools, institutions and farmers.

The Directorate is also charged with the responsibility of coordinating extension services as well as consultancy services by the University to the community. In order to discharge this mandate effectively there is need to improve the existing University Extension policy as well as the policy on consultancy. Presently the policy that guides extension services by the university has several gaps, hence the need for its review. The policy on consultancy also needs review. The directorate is therefore in the process of putting the necessary systems in place to ensure that the extension policy is reviewed.





Prof. Judith Achoka

Director Research Extension and Linkages,
Email. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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