To undertake its mission and to realize its vision, MMUST upholds the following values:

(i) Excellence: Ensuring excellence in research and service to the public;
(ii) Professionalism: Our staff shall conduct themselves with decorum in discharging their duties;
(iii) Innovativeness: To create and utilize new ideas in research and innovation ;
(iv) Integrity: we shall be committed to honest, open, accountable and transparent relationships and undertakings. Ensure strong moral principles are upheld as reflected in personal appearance and conduct;
(v) Teamwork - we shall work as a team of students, lectures, staff, parents and other stakeholders. All stakeholders and team players to be committed in their duties and responsibilities;
(vi) Equality: Ensuring that there is equal opportunity for all without any form of discrimination be it gender, race, disability, age, religion or ethnicity;
(vii) Etiquette: As demonstrated through humility, self-respect, tolerance, discipline and decorum;
(viii) Social Responsibility: Promoting awareness of and providing leadership in responding to issues and problems affecting the society.

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