Institutional Ethics Review Committee

The directorate of Research and Extension serves the role of coordination for the Institutional ethics review committee whose functions include, to:


1. Provide independent, competent and timely review of human research projects in respect of their ethical acceptability.
2. Provide ethical oversight, monitoring and advice for human research projects.
3. Prescribe the principles and procedures to govern human research projects including handling of human tissue and/or confidentiality of personal records.
Following the expiry of the terms of the members initially appointed by the senate to serve in the committee, new members have been appointed to serve for the next three years in MMUST IERC.

The following Members serve in the committee and constitute members from Kakamega County General hospital and MMUST. The University therefore requests for the Renewal of the accreditation to continue serving legitimately under the law.

Main Committee
1. Dr. Gordon Nguka - Chairman, MMUST IERC
2. Prof. Judith Achoka - Secretariat, Pastor
3. Prof. Oloo James A. - Public Health
4. Prof. Hassan Were - Bio-tech
5. Dr. James Bill Ouda - Psychology/Social Sciences and Anthropology
6. Dr. Ruth Simiyu - Sociology
7. Dr. Evans Raballah - Medical Laboratory Sciences
8. Dr. Stanley Omuterema - Disaster Management
9. Dr. Geoffrey Matete - Consultant Gynaecologist
10. Dr. Linet Elamenya - Clinical Pharmacist
11. Dr. Bernard Wesonga - Scientist
12. Dr. Philip Ogutu - Biological Science
13. Dr. Alice Ndiema - SAVET
14. Dr. Ochanda - Nursing
15. Ms. Lilian Soibe - Nutrition
16. Ms. Maximilla Wanzala Public Health
17. Mr. Gregory Sakwa - Nursing
18. Fr. Muchanga Kizito - Faith/Community
19. Ms. Milkah Cheptinga- University Lawyer
20. Mr. Stephen Opanga - Pastor/community

Sub- Committees
Scientific and standard operating committee
i. Ms. Milka Cheptinga
ii. Dr. Evans Raballah
iii. Fr. Muchanga Kizito
iv. Prof. Jacob Wakhungu
v. Dr. Gordon Nguka
vi. Dr. James Ouda

The inspection and side effect analysis committee
i. Dr. Linet Elamenya
ii. Ms. Maximila Wanzala
iii. Mr. Gregory Sakwa
iv. Dr. Maringo (trustee)

Ethics and research committee
i. Prof. Achoka (trustee)
ii. Dr. Ruth Simiyu
iii. Prof. James Oloo – Chairman
iv. Dr. Geoffrey Matete
v. Rev. Opanga

Listing and categorization committee
i. Lilian Soibe
ii. Dr. James Ouda
iii. Dr. Evans Rabala
iv. Mr. Peter Ngome
v. Prof. Shivoga (trustee)
vi. Bio-Safety/Bio-Ethics committee
vii. Dr. Alice Ndiema
viii. Prof. Hassan Were
ix. Prof. Charles Mutai
x. Dr. Philip Ogutu
xi. Dr. Stanley Omuterema

Fundraising expert sourcing coordinating committee
i. Grace Litali
ii. Dr. Gordon Nguka
iii. Dr. Ruth Simiyu
iv. Dr. Bernard Wesonga
v. Prof. Charles Chunge (trustee)

Executive committee
i. Dr. Gordon Nguka – Chairman
ii. Dr. Bernard Wesonga – Vice Chairman
iii. Dr. Evans Raballah – Secretary
iv. Dr. James Ouda – Deputy Secretary
v. Dr. Ruth Simiyu – Treasury

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