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Dean of StudentsDR. BENARDATTE ABWAObmukabi@mmust.ac.ke
PhD in Peace and Conflict Studies - MMUST, M.Ed. Educational Psychology - Kenyatta University, B.Ed (A ts)-Kenyatta University,

Mesage from the Dean of Students

This is a non-academic Department that deals with student welfare needs making MMUST a world class university that is student centered and a home away from home for all. All operations are coordinated through the Office of the Dean of Students.

The main goal of the Department is to provide quality and efficient welfare services which support the students’ desire to achieve academic excellence, hence enabling high completion rates. We strive to produce a holistic individual through our activities. Through various clubs and associations, students are sensitized and mentored towards the Big Four Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s).

The Department is composed of the following sections: Guidance and Counseling, Games and Sports, Chaplaincy, Students Accommodation and Students Catering. The activities of the Masinde Muliro University Students Organization (MMUSO) are also coordinated through the Department. Our key functions are based on the activities of these sections.

The students’ operations are guided mainly by the following documents: The Amended Universities Act (2016), MMUSO Constitution (2016) and the Students Handbook on Rules and Regulations Governing the Discipline and Conduct of Students at MMUST. Students are bound to have many challenges and therefore are assisted through this department.

 As a Department, we work closely with schools, staff and student leaders to enhance the quality of university experience for our students, hence making MMUST a student centered university and a home away from home. 

Most of our activities are carried out through students’ clubs, whose main aim is to nurture individual students’ talents, facilitate exposure and networking opportunities with other institutions and organization outside the university. Currently there are 45 active registered clubs and associations which are required to remit annual work plans and reports to the Dean of Students through their Patrons. 

Our main offices are housed at Hall 1, ground floor. We operate an open door policy, giving all students equal chances to make use of and benefit from our services. Feel free to visit us and get to know more about the services we offer.

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