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Senate Speaker Ethuro visits MMUST ahead of the Students Elections

Senator Ekwee Ethuro who is also the Speaker of the Senate of the Republic of Kenya spent the better part of the Thursday 27th April 2017 at Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology as the students gear up to elect their leaders on the 5th and 12th May 2017 respectively.

The Right Honourable Speaker delivered an inspiring public lecture on the opportunities for the youth in the new governance structure in Kenya. In his presentation, Hon Ekwee Ethuro acknowledged the role played by the late visionary leader Hon. Masinde Muliro, the Kenyan hero and nationalist after whom the University is named. “This was a selfless leader and we would wish to have more like him,” the Speaker said.

 Masinde Muliro was a statesman and his personality that made him an icon in Luhya and national politics stood out as he was that one key proponent of nonviolence, a firm believer and champion of Majimboism-a system of devolved governance that was enshrined in the independence Constitution.

“This is partly what created the first bicameral government in 1960,” added the Speaker.

On the youth opportunities in the new governance structure, the Speaker outlined the many emergent benefits of devolution as envisaged in the new Kenyan Constitution promulgated on 27th August 2010. He added that the Senate was proud of being the guardian angel of devolution.

Hon. Ekwee observed that Kenya is favourably and strategically placed in the Eastern Africa region, the Horn of Africa and African continent as a whole. He also pointed out that the country is a key commercial point of activity and a communication hub in the region. In addition, he noted, Kenya has significant natural and bio-resources that need to be enhanced and be developed for the Youth.

The Speaker also observed that Kenya’s rich and diverse resources include agriculture, forestry, tourism, animal husbandry including fishing and food processing .There are also emerging opportunities in mining giving rise to manufacturing and light industries across the 47 counties in Kenya.

Kenya’s developmental potential and possibilities require both mental and physical energy to be exploited and transformed into concrete developmental outcomes.

“Our country is doubtlessly endowed with enormous human capital and excellent work ethics that we should take advantage of,” said Hon. Ekwee Ethuro.

Urging the youth to put their right foot forward and claim their space in the society, the Speaker reiterated President Uhuru Kenyatta’s appeal to the youth of Kenya to shun violence as Kenya approaches the August 8th 2017 General elections.

Responding to students’ questions on corruption and the requirement on work experience, the Hon. Speaker observed that it is Kenyans themselves who need to be at the forefront in the fight against corruption. “The issue of work experience is ideally at the employers’ disposal since each employer requires maximum productivity from the human labour, ” the Speaker noted.

Speaker Ekwee Ethuro concluded his tour at the University of Choice by holding a meeting with Turkana students studying at Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology, Main Campus. Through their Chairman Joseph Eweet, a fourth year student of International Diplomacy, the students noted that there were a myriad opportunities that exist in the larger Turkana region of Kenya that required to be tapped by the Youth.

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