Centre for Disaster Management and Humanitarian Assistance

. PhD in Diplomacy and International Relations
• PhD in climate change
• PhD in Disaster Preparedness and Engineering Management
• PhD in Disaster Management and Humanitarian Assistance
• PhD in Conflict Management and Conflict Resolution
• PhD in Disaster management and Sustainable Development
• PhD in Peace and Conflict Studies

Faculty of Education and Social Science

. PhD in Communication Studies
. PhD in French
. PhD in English Education
. PhD in English (Applied Linguistics)
. PhD in Literature
. PhD in Science Education
. PhD in Mathematics Education
. PhD in Religion
. PhD in History
. PhD in Curriculum and Instruction
. PhD in Kiswahili Education
. PhD in Kiswahili Literature
. PhD in Kiswahili Linguistics
. PhD in Educational Planning and Management
. PhD in Economics and Management of Education
. PhD in Educational Management and Policy Studies
. PhD in Educational Psychology
. PhD in Education in Management of Education in Emergencies

Faculty of Science

PhD in Information Technology
PhD in Pure Mathematics
PhD in Applied Mathematics
PhD in Statistics
PhD in Environmental Science
PhD in Chemistry
PhD in Physics
PhD in Crop Protection
PhD in Fish Biology and Aquaculture
PhD in Applied Entomology
PhD in Molecular Biology
PhD in Immunology
PhD in Bioinformatics
PhD in Natural Resource Management
PhD in Animal Physiology
PhD in Medical Parasitology
PhD in Microbiology

School Of Agriculture, Veterinary Science And Technology

1. PhD in Agricultural Extension and Rural Development
2. PhD in Sustainable Agricultural Systems
3. PhD in Crop Protection
4. PhD in Fish Biology and Aquaculture

School Of Business And Economics

PhD In Business Administration
. Strategic Management
. Entrepreneurship
. Human Resource Management

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