oooooooEnthusiasts of the Swahili language in MMUST finally got an opportunity to meet one-on-one with esteemed gurus of the national language, Ustaadh Wallah Bin Wallah alongside Radio Maisha presenter Hassan Mwana wa Ali on Wednesday 17th Jan 2018 during a conference aimed at reinforcing the use of Swahili language in the media.

The Conference was held in the Main Catering Unit at the MMUST Main campus, Kakamega focused on the important role that Kiswahili plays in the sociopolitical life of the African people and indeed internationally.

Addressing students during the occasion, Ustaadh Wallah bin Wallah emphasized on the importance of respecting time noting that each human being has 24 hours in a day. What makes the difference is how each person manages their time. “You can waste everything else because there is always replacement, just not time.”

He encouraged students to always be punctual and strive to everyday better themselves. Mr Wallah noted, ‘By the end of the day when one graduates from MMUST there should a noticeable difference between you and those who went elsewhere.”

Wallah also reminded students that everyone has the potential to succeed if only people stopped waiting for success and started chasing for what they really want. He encouraged the youth not to be comfortable during the youthful age. He said that nothing is worse than to be poor in the old age just because one wasted their youth.

About the secret to his success, Wallah said that when in school he learnt to respect the writer more than the teacher. To him, the teacher was only copying the ideas of the writer and explaining them as if his own. Wallah then learnt to read widely by himself. He had a desire to be read too.

He encouraged writers to read widely so as to expound on their ideas. He discouraged any form plagiarism during writing citing that in all his books, all the ideas are born in his head. “There are two types of writers: those who collect other writers’ ideas and paraphrase them and those who generate ideas and write,” Mr Wallah noted.

Radio Maisha presenter Hassan Mwana wa Ali took the students through the many opportunities that exist in the media.

The Conference was attended by the Chakimamu Patron Mr Shadrack Opunde and the Chair, Journalism and mass Communication, Dr Peres Wenje.


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