"Seek ye first the kingdom of academia," was the message echoed by each speaker during the two-day national youth summit held in MMUST from Wednesday 28th February to Friday 2nd March 2018 at the Main Campus Graduation Square.

Speaking at the event, media personality and author Ken Walibora, emphasized the importance of having good communication skills. "No matter the profession you get into, you cannot succeed unless you communicate effectively." According to him, communication is said to take place when the other party fully comprehends the meaning intended by the communicator.

The writer observed that in order to attain mastery in any language one has to love reading. ‘By the time one has read fifty books on one specific discipline, perhaps he or she would say to have become a master in that field,’ Prof Walibora noted.

Being a successful writer of over forty books, Walibora said that for an author to compose one book, he has read one hundred different works of other authors. "There is no shortcut to good communication other than reading books."

On his part, MMUST lecturer and motivational speaker Dr Ken Otieno commonly known as Dr. Zoom among his students encouraged young people to take their roles seriously. ‘The youth have to strive and have a competitive edge’, Dr Otieno noted. He said that every young person has a responsibility to be a role model to the younger generation as they prepare themselves for future parenthood.

He encouraged the students to invest in educational research as it helps them get equipped for the challenges of the future. He emphasized that for one to be relevant in the current job market, one has to have ability to multitask and continued, ‘if you cannot be creative, the world becomes a challenge to you."

He pleaded with the young generation to shun negative ethnicity as the youth play a major role in improving the economy of the country and encouraged them to view people in terms of the benefit they add into their lives rather than where they come from or what their names are.

The fete which has been held annually for the past consecutive three years, is a brain child of University’s Vice Chancellor Prof. Fredrick Otieno in what he terms as one of the steps he has taken to make the varsity a student-centered institution.

Speaking at the event, Prof Fredrick Otieno expressed a strong conviction that the Summit has and will continue to help a large number of students make informed choices in terms of the careers that they want to pursue in campus. He said such events help light the candles of hope to students who are hopeless as some of academic giants share the stories of their lives.

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