Some of the participants during the MMUST breakfast meeting between Prof Georges Ekosse and Senior Lecturers on Monday 8th May 2017 Senior lecturers of MMUST were on Monday, May 8, 2017 hosted by the Directorate of Research, Extension and Linkages, Prof. Judith Achoka to a closed door research breakfast meeting at MCU boardroom which was facilitated by Prof. Georges - Ivo Ekosse of UNIVEN and Prof. Shiundu of MMUST.  The aim of the Breakfast meeting was Aiming for Higher Heights in the Academia.
Prof. Ekosse urged the senior lecturers to understand that they are the academic cream of the university. He challenged them to stand up and be counted by positively contributing to the growth of the University. Prof. Ekosse stressed the four principles critical to building a personal research profile namely; building your personal profile, institutional dependence, living above your present professional status and managing yourself.
He further emphasized the need to respect other researchers and use wisdom in transactions. “Moreover we should challenge ourselves regarding what we can give to MMUST instead of always expecting to receive from MMUST”.
Prof. Shiundu encouraged all Senior Lecturers to work hard.



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