1“We are ready for a free and fair Student elections,” MMUST Student Governing Council Election Officials promise

It is all systems go as the university gears towards electing the First Parliament under the new amended University Act (2016) on Friday 12th May 2017. Election officials have been taken through the electoral procedures by the IEBCReturning Officer (RO) Lurambi Constituency in Kakamega CountyMrIsaiahNabwayowhose team are tasked with overseeing the conduct of elections in the 2016/2017 academic year. “The previous year’s elections were generally very good. There is however need to always ensure that we enhance efficiency especially with regard to ensuring that the election registeris in order and updated,” the RO said during the training of the Election officials.

The first level of elections for the Electoral Colleges were conducted on Friday 5thMay 2017 while the election of the Executive slated for 12th May 2017 at MCU 001 which has now been converted into a parliament for purposes of voting. Representatives of different Schools and various Halls of Residence were elected will be voting for the different the Executive elective positions. Two Non-Resident Representatives were also elected and will also vote for the new Student Governing Council. 

Streaming of results during the first level of elections was enhanced with different polling centres submitting their results that were then captured by the ICT staff led by Mr Morgan Musiambo and MrGeofreyOuma.The use of an updated digital register helped in identifying the bona fide voters and assisted towards solving a number of logisticalproblems.

The IEBC officers overseeing the elections were strategicallyposted to ensure the smooth running of the first stage of the electoral process. The MMUST Chairman of the Electoral Commission Dr Judah Ndiku observed that it is important for everybody to recognize the need to conduct a free and fair election and enhance student governance.

The acting Dean of Students,Dr Bernadette Abwao under whose docket the elections are conducted emphasized the need for all MMUST electoral officialsto be one hundred percent impartial.” She continued, “The way you talk an electoral officer may give an inkling of your preferences. There is thus need to check the kind of language that one uses as an official when interacting with voters.” She also pointed out that the way we talk has some implications on the way the student voters perceive the general conduct of elections.

Samuel Manyasi Esau an IEBC official in the ICT division and an alumni of MasindeMuliro University of Science and Technology and another IEBC official Graham Obiri were some of the officials who are involved in the 2017 student elections at MMUST.


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