Students Welfare is an important component in the overall Management of student matters. 

To facilitate efficient provision of the welfare services, the department has several sections such as Guidance and Counselling, Hostels and Accommodation, Catering, games and Sports, wardenship, Security and health sections.



To be a centre of excellence in the provision of student welfare services.


To be steadfast in the provision of all students welfare services to the students in Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology in order to facilitate smooth running of the university academic programmes.


1. To ensure efficient provision of all welfare services to students of MMUST.

2. To facilitate efficient and effective communication between the student community on one hand and the University Administration on the other.

3. To ensure the establishment and maintenance if an effective student leadership.

4. To facilitate the establishment and effective management of all clubs and societies within in the University.

5. To offer guidance and counselling in all aspects to students generally and individual students in particular.

6. To offer support and facilitate participation of students in co-curricular activities such as games, drama, music, clubs and societies e.t.c

7. To develop and sustain recreational facilities and activities to all students.

8. To support the maintenance of standards and the discipline of all students.

9. To offer guidance, support and assistance where possible to students with financial difficulties.

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Phone no: +254 702597360/1

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