There are 23 registered clubs/societies in the university.

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Many clubs are formed along academic disciplines e.g. Business Students Association (BSA), Disaster Management Students Association, Engineering etc. Some are abased on districts that the members come from. These clubs become suitable grounds for putting in practice what is learnt in class.

They also from an important link between administration and the students where SGC is unavailable. It also gives students the opportunity to develop their leadership abilities. Through clubs students are able to network will prospective employers e.g. BSA, has been able to work closely with banks auditing firms etc.

Sample of MMUST Clubs

Organization of Environmental Conservationist


Organization of Environmental Conservationists (OEC) is an organization that comprises students, academic and non academic staff members of Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology (MMUST) and its constituent colleges, campuses and centres irrespective of their course of pursue and department of work. The organization aims to promote and initiate the conservation of the environment through integrating moral values, virtues and skills and empowering its members.

The organization seeks to ensure conservation of the environment within Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology (MMUST), its environments and the country at large. The organization also offers environmental education (EE) to the local schools, out of school youths and the community at large surrounding Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology (MMUST) and the country at large.

To achieve this, the organization works closely with the Kenya Forest Service (KFS), Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) and other conservation-based non-governmental organizations (including community based organizations) working within and around Kakamega forest, Centre for Kakamega Tropical Forest Studies (CEKATFOS), Department of Biological Sciences, Coordinator, Botanical garden and the nation at large.


The organization is duly recognised in the University as it is registered with the office of the dean of students Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology (MMUST) and works hand in hand with CEKATFOS, Department of Biological Sciences, Disaster and Environmental Management Association (DEMA).

Motto, Mission and Vision of OEC

MOTTO: Giving to the Environment

MISSION: Integrating moral values, virtues and skills by empowering members

VISION: “To inculcate a moral people that value and conserve the environment”

Objectives of OEC

a)Expose members to diverse environmental resources and opportunities locally and regionally and to ensure realization of these opportunities through partnership between Masinde Muliro

University of Science and Technology (MMUST) and other conservation organizations.

b)Spearhead sensitization of the public domain on the need and importance of environmental management and conservation for holistic betterment through seminars, involvement in community based projects and environmental education.

c)Establish linkages with other regional and international environmental organizations to help achieve its vision and objectives.

d)Mobilize resources for collective conservation of Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology (MMUST’s) environment and the surrounding community and landscapes.

e)To offer an opportunity to students to acquire the necessary knowledge for protection and improvement of their environment.

f)To sensitize young minds of the problems facing the environment hence offer an opportunity for participating in finding solutions to these problems.

g)To ease pressure on resources around MMUST by teaching and demonstrating energy - saving techniques (e.g.) fireless cookers, energy conserving stoves etc), nursery management practices and on-farm agro forestry.

Office holders

The current office holders of the club are:

Patron: Mr. Agevi Humphrey-Department of Biological Sciences/CEKATFOS

2.Ms. Rael Adhiambo – Chairperson.

3.Mr. Kogei Ely – V/Chairperson.

4.Ms. Jacinta Anomat – Organizing secretary.

5.Ms. Ruth Wanjiku- Secretary.

6.Mr. Yusuf Anis- Treasurer


1.The organization was involved in the Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) activities during project implementation that was head by Ms. Patricia Kariaga as the project leader.

2.The Organization actively participated in the second edition of the Save the Kakamega Forest Marathon that was held in December, 2012 that culminated to the planting of trees in the MMUST botanical garden.

3.The organization participated in the clean up exercise of the Kakamega town that was organized by the Kakamega County government from 12 to 27th June, 2013.

4.The organization has partnered with a Non-governmental Organization (NGO), World Students Community for Sustainable Development (WSCSD) and are in the processing of initiating the adopt a Forest and river initiative. The organization chose to adopt Kakamega Forest and River Isiukhu. The organization will also plant trees within the University campus and constituent campuses in the process of greening the campus initiative.

St. John Ambulance MMUST Division

Understanding St. John Ambulance MMUST Division

St John Ambulance Masinde Muliro University Division is part of St. John ambulance Kenya, in western region under Kakamega fully registered and recognized as a club in the University.

The club operates under the guidelines from St. John Ambulance Kenya.


To be at the heart of the nation we serve as volunteers in the provision of a continuous community service ensuring every household has access to a trained first aider, a world class emergency response and is empowered to care for their health needs.


To be the leading organization of disciplined volunteers, with our members and supporters providing first aid, essential emergency services, increasing the capacity to save lives and ensuring the provision of healthcare in the communities.

Core Values

• In service to humanity

• Volunteers, cadets and badgers at the heart of their communities

• Professional and quality service

• Transparent and accountable service provision

• Equality irrespective of race, religion, ethnicity and gender.

• Sanctity of life.


The general set of rules and regulations published by the organization to govern all aspects of volunteer work.

Terms and Conditions of Service

A St. John volunteer

• Must be taken through an induction of the organization

• Must subscribe to the SJVGR

• Must be of good character with no previous criminal records

• Must be able to see him or herself as part of the organization embracing both challenges and achievements

• Must have gone through and successfully completed a first aid course

• Must go through a three-month probation period.

Roles and responsibilities of the Volunteer

• Serve the community and first aid care

• Should be willing to offer time experience and resources

• Shall be a good ambassador of the organization

• Serve the organization in the area of competence.

• Be conversant with the St. John volunteer general regulations.

Qualification for Volunteers

A Volunteer Should;

• Have Integrity

• Be Moral uprightness

• Be Commitment

• Have a volunteer spirit

• Not have criminal record

• Be of Sound mind

St John Ambulance training

• The St John Ambulance Masinde Muliro University division was trained by the St. John Ambulance Kenya. The training was held on 16th compound, conducted by the Regional Executive officer Fredrick Mukasa Makhatsa, the division Patron Dr. Stanley Omuterema and Calvin Saisi Keguso, St John Ambulance Hospital division- Kakamega.

• The vision of the club is ‘To be at the heart of the nation, we serve as volunteers in the provision of a continuous community service ensuring every household has access to a trained first aider, a world class emergency response and is empowered to care for their health needs.’

• The mission is ‘To be the leading organization of disciplined volunteers, with our members and supporters providing first aid, essential emergency services, increasing the capacity to save lives and ensuring the provision of healthcare in the communities.’ 

• The clubs core values are to be in service to humanity, to incorporate volunteers, cadets and badgers at the heart of their communities, provide professional quality transparent and accountable service provision in terms of equality irrespective of race, religion, ethnicity and gender. These core values advocate for Sanctity of life. 

The general set of rules and regulations published by the organization to govern all aspects of volunteer work.

• Terms and conditions of St. John volunteers; must be taken through an induction of the organization. These terms and conditions dictate that one, must be of good character with no previous criminal records, must be able to see him or her as part of the organization embracing both challenges and achievements, must have gone through and successfully completed a first aid course, must go through a three- month probation period.

Roles and responsibilities of a volunteer include,

serve the community and first aid care.

Should be willing to offer time, experience and resources,

shall be a good ambassador of the organization, and serve the organization in the area of competence. be conversant with the St. John volunteer general regulations.

A Volunteer shall have; integrity, moral uprightness, commitment, volunteers spirit, no previous criminal record, sound mind.


• The recruits were trained on, leadership, drills, training and vocational camps, effective communication, training of trainers courses, warrant holders, seminars/ workshops, home and community based care, Casualty simulation, Fire safety and control, water rescue, disaster preparedness and management, competitions, sovereign awards, annual parade and inspection, ambulance services, peer education on HIV/AIDS and others, allied subjects and programs.

• The objective of the activity was to train members of the brigade on the use of ambulance equipment and evacuation techniques. Apart from first aid training the division had found it necessary to train members on the use of ambulance equipment in rescue activities.

• Future plan of Brigade training on use firefighting equipment, fire rescue and fire drills is to be done to up the skills of the brigade members and the community at large in a bid to ensure superb response in times of need.

The Engineering Students Association (ESA).

This is an association of engineering students of Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology (MMUST); it is the only association for engineering students by the students themselves in the institution currently.

ESA represents students from the three departments of engineering i.e. Electrical and Communication Engineering, Civil and Structural engineering and Mechanical and Industrial engineering department, all which fall in the Faculty of engineering.

The association is headed by a team of students who are elected annually for a one year term in office, the elective ESA posts (Officials) are;



Secretary General.

Organizing secretary.


Faculty coordinator.

Editor General.

Apart from this elected also committees are established which consist of one ESA official as the committee chairperson and other committee members who are ESA members. The committees present are;

The Finance committee.

The Editorial committee.

The Sports and entertainment committee

The academic committee.

In the 2011/2012 academic year, the elected ESA officials are;

Chairman: Jack Onyango Onyango.

Vice-Chairlady: Linah Nzambi Francis.

Secretary general: Reagan Omondi.

Organizing Secretary: Erick Mugambi.

Treasurer: Osogo Sheldon Timothy.

Faculty coordinator: Abdallah Twaha Marijan.

Editor General: Fred Butete Wambasi.

This officials chair various committees.

The Rotaract Club

The Rotaract Club, MMUST Chapter was formed on 15th November, 2004. It was indeed a wonderful day as students met in the auditorium to elect interim office bearers. Later in the year, precisely the 18th day of December 2004, the club was officially launched at the same venue with Paul A. Ogenga as the first President, who as at now is the Club's Patron. It was a great occasion graced by the then WUCST Principal, His Worship the Mayor of Kakamega and the president, Rotary Club of Kakamega. Since then, the club has undergone various transformations to its current status.

As new members join the club, they are taken through a series of talks by the clubs officials about what the club entails.

Rotaract is the club to be in if you are:

  • young or feel young,
  • full of energy and enthusiastic.

Rotaract will give you an experience

  • that you cannot forget, plant a smile on someone's lips;
  • hope in someone's heart; shoes on someone's feet;
  • education for someone's future andsatisfaction for yourself.
  • It will help you with professional development,
  • develop your life skills, improve your presentation
  •  give you an opportunity to sit at the feet of the wise


 P. O. BOX 190-50100, Kakamega

Phone no: +254 702597360/1

                  +254 733120020/2

                   057 2505222/3


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