• Production of the Micro algae Spirulina and Mushrooms value added products

• Production of Unique Ladies Handbags from Recycled Materials

• Developing Biomass Pyrolysis Stoves for sustainable Bioenergy use by rural households in Kenya

• Harnessing Stingless Bees and Honey bee for Honey Production, Poverty Reduction & Environmental Conservation

• Promotion of the cultivation/growth of Artemisia annua for provision of raw material necessary for extraction of Artemisinin

• Harnessing Yellow Oleander (Thevetia peruviana Pers. K.Schum) seeds for vegetable oil and protein production in Kenya: A community based approach for poverty reduction and biodiesel production • Oduor baits from Cassava and Maize and repellents from Western Kenya flora as Control tools of larger grain borer 

• Soil Amendment Studies for Sustainable Food Crop Production


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