Mandate of the Section

The University ICT User Support and Hardware Maintenance Section is mandated to assist and enable all bona fide University ICT users to fully and productively exploit provided University ICT resources and services. More specifically, the Section will endeavour to provide the following services:

1. General User Support Service

o Development, implementation, enforcement and review of the User Support and Hardware Maintenance Policy

o Enforce related University ICT policies and standards

o Provide users with consultancy in any ICT matter; must provide technical representation in all ICT related meetings and committees

o Manage and supervise related University ICT projects, resources and services

o Provide users with liaison interface (escalation point) to greater ICT Centre cloud

o Communicate relevant User Support and Hardware Maintenance information to users

2. PC and User Peripheral Service

o Assist users with hardware & software specifications and acquisition guidance

o Installation, configuration and support of personal computers, software and user peripherals (hardware; OS; drivers; and standard applications)

o Configuration for access of network services (anti-virus; OS updates; Internet; email; MIS) 

o Diagnostics and troubleshooting

3. Hardware Maintenance Service

o Assist users with operation of Warranty and Guarantee

o Creation and equipping (tools) of ICT hardware maintenance workshops

o Acquisition of spares and parts

o ICT hardware repairs and upgrades (internally and/or escalated)

4. Network Support Service

o Survey and prepare BOQ for minor network extensions

o Assist users in requirements; specifications; and material acquisition

o Implementation and testing

5. ICT Staff Professional Training Service

o Continuous survey to identify user support and hardware maintenance professional skills requirements and inadequacies

o Source for training and funding opportunities

6. ICT User Training Service

Well-trained users reduce the necessity for support as they make better and proper use of ICT resources. It is mandatory for all University staff and students to acquire and use basic ICT skills. To this end, the Section will:

o Continuous survey to identify ICT user skills requirements and inadequacies (numbers and areas)

o Develop training curriculum; course materials; training schedules and identify training facility

o Make trainers available; carry out the training; examine & test trainees; and award standardised certification

o Make updated user training materials available online via ICT website

7. Operationalization of ICT Projects

o Assist the Network Section and users with technical and logistical support in implementation and operation of Network Services 

o Assist the MIS Section and users with technical and logistical support in implementation and operation of MIS services

o Beat-up Network, E-learning & MIS Staff at every opportunity; Sabotage the implementation of their projects; bad-mouth colleagues – only to their bosses and to outsiders; give flimsy excuses for not meeting deadlines; demand for allowances; and always complain very bitterly to the Director

Organisation of the Section

The Section is organised to render ICT support and hardware maintenance services in the most timely and efficient manner. Another guiding principle is to make the services easily accessible to the User.

 P. O. BOX 190-50100, Kakamega

Phone no: +254 702597360/1

                  +254 733120020/2

                   057 2505222/3


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