The Council is the governing authority of the University and has the mandate to act in all matters concerning the University in the way it considers best promote the interests of the University.


Council is responsible for:

  • developing and approving the University’s Strategic Plan;
  • ensuring that policies and procedures are established to ensure the probity and integrity of University decision making;
  • ensuring compliance with relevant legislation;
  • making, amending and/or repealing University statutes and rules;
  • delegating management functions as appropriate;
  • reviewing the management of the institution and the university’s performance against strategic and business goal.
  • approving the annual budget;
  • authorising certification of the University’s annual financial statement;
  • approving significant commercial activities;
  • developing and acquiring a new campus or new location;
  • adopting a master plan for the University campus;
  • establishing and disestablishing faculties and other bodies of the University;
  • approving and monitoring systems of control and accountability, including general overview of the University’s controlled entities;
  • authorising use of the University’s official seal.
  • overseeing and monitoring the academic activities of the University;
  • approving guidelines for the award of University medals;
  • authorising the conferring of awards;
  • representing and advocating the campus to the community.

 P. O. BOX 190-50100, Kakamega

Phone no: +254 702597360/1

                  +254 733120020/2

                   057 2505222/3


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