Public Relations Officer

Winnie Malala

Key Responsibilities

1. To set targets or define objectives for PR operations.

2. To establish an d maintain a correct image of the University and of its policies,, products, services and personnel.

3. To monitor outside opinion and convey this intelligence to management: interpret the attitudes of outsiders to management, who may have false ideas about the outside opinion. These outsiders could be important publics such as community, potential staff or students, shopkeepers, suppliers, politicians, journalists – all kinds of people whose comprehension of the University is important.

4. To advise management on communication problems, solutions and techniques: organizing feedback of press, radio and television transcripts and other reports from outside.

5. Anticipate potential problems, needs or opportunities and counter those circumstances at the most advantageous time and under favourable circumstances.

6. To inform publics about policies, activities, products services and personnel so that maximum knowledge and understanding is won.

7. To decide priorities that will control the choice of publics, media to reach them, timing of operations, and the best manpower and other resources such as equipment.

8. Initiate and arrange social responsibility programmes through involvement of the faculty, staff and students with the surrounding community.

9. Media relations: writing and distributing news releases, photographs, and feature articles to the press, compiling press lists.

10. Organising press conferences, reception and facility visits.

11. Staff magazines or newsletters and organizing other forms of internal communication.

12. Editing Arranging press, radio and television interviews for management.

13. Editing and producing print such as educational literature, University history, annual reports and induction literature for new staff.

14. Commissioning and maintaining forms of corporate identity such as logos, colour schemes, print house style and typography, distinctive clothing, etc.

15. Handling PR sponsorships and liaison with politicians and civil servants

16. Analysis of feedback and evaluation of the results of efforts in relation to the declared University objectives and recommend adjustment.

17. Estimate the feasibility of carrying out the declared objectives in light of available funds, existing staff and equipment

Public Relations Office

 P. O. BOX 190-50100, Kakamega

Phone no: +254 702597360/1

                  +254 733120020/2

                   057 2505222/3


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