• Melting Pot Research Seminar

    Participants during the Melting Pot Research Seminar which was held on 26th January, 2018.

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    Melting Pot Research Seminar

     Participants during the Melting Pot Seminar which was held on 26th January, 2018.


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    Melting Pot Research Seminar


    Dr. Bernadette Sabuni,Ag. Dean School of Engineering, Prof. John Obiri, Director, DPS and  during the Melting Pot Research Seminar which was held on 26th January, 2018

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What is it about?

 Enhancing the culture of research in the university
Knowing who is doing what
Having some invited high powered guest (future)
Creating a Forum of mentors and mentees

Why Melting Pot?

It’s a mixed grilled or variety of disciplines, cultures, academic age, mentors and mentees
Assimilate into a cohensive whole product of novelty and value
Akin to the melting pot of 1908 and New Orleans Jazz centre


Post-Graduate Seminar For Incoming 2017-2018 MMUST Graduate Students

alumnixThe Directorate of Postgraduate Students (DPS) held a seminar for the incoming MMUST Graduate Students at MCU Boardroom on Friday 6th October, 2017.

Welcoming the new graduate students, the Vice Chancellor, Prof. Fred Otieno appealed to the students to focus on their studies while striving to follow the rules and regulations of the ‘GAME’ namely: Postgraduate Study, aiming for quality, utilizing time effectively, efficiently using finance resources, avoiding plagiarism and planning their graduate journey well. Prof. Otieno further emphasized on the need to observe study time and maintain good relations with the supervisors.

The other scholars who graced the event were, Director, DPS Prof. John Obiri, Director, Research and Postgraduate Support Prof. Judith Achoka, Dr. Peter Bukhala (Lecturer SPHBS&T), Helb Officers Ms. Sharon Nanzushi and Mr Samson Sikinan, Prof Samuel China (Chair, DGSC SDMHA) and Chair DPS Board Prof. John Shiundu.

The various speakers emphasized on discipline and prudence from the students, proper record keeping, student availability, need for research publications in quality journals and team work.
This was the first ever seminar of this kind at the University. In 2016, the University graduated one hundred and thirty three (133) postgraduate students.






Prof. John A. F.  Obiri

Director, Directorate of Postrgaduate Studies

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