Department of Geography

Welcome to the Department of Geography, a multidisciplinary Department (Hence our SLOGAN (EVERYTHING HAS TO DO WITH GEOGRAPHY.). Geography is an integrative discipline that fosters a broad perspective on the problems of today’s world and equips us with a variety of transferable and employable skills.
The department of Geography is a Centre of Excellence. Our department has an excellent reputation for teaching and research across both human and physical geography to both undergraduate and graduate students. We offer courses in human and physical geography and environmental science, we offer students the opportunity to discover, explore and engage with the world around them. We pride ourselves on our teaching and have a particularly good record of working with students to achieve their highest potential. The department has a long-established commitment to providing an environmental/geographical education of the highest quality and prides in mentoring, nurturing, developing skills and knowledge.


Geography Department boasts of having a diversity of specialization amongst the staff including Climatology and climate change, Geormorphology ,Urban Geography Population Geography , Geographical Information systems(G.I.S), just but to mention a few, who have both national and international repute to ensure quality of the learning and teaching.
Geography as a discipline offers a wide array of job markets to our graduates including: Teaching, Working for NGOs,UNEP, IUCN .The Department of Geography at Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology(MMUST) provides a stimulating, supportive and friendly environment in which to study Geography.

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