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Welcome to the Department of Language and Literature Education of Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology! The department founded on 24th October 2003 and was among the first ones at the university. The name depicts the close link between language and literature, two items that play an important role in learning, communication, expression of our diverse cultures and building of lasting relationships both locally and internationally. The Department comprises of five subsections, namely English, Communication Skills, Kiswahili, French and Literature. Courses offered include Linguistics, Language Education, English, French, Kiswahili and Literature leading to Bachelors, Masters and Doctoral degrees.

We strive to offer competitive programmes that promote growth and development of Language and Literature professionals in Kenya, Africa and beyond. Staff in the department work with students from the various faculties and schools within the university every year.

Consequently, the department boasts of an impressive student population and well trained course lecturers who are efficient in teaching, coaching and mentoring. Our students have access to a well-equipped library as well as a resource centre for students pursuing French courses. We look forward to expanding the curriculum to include sign language, Indigenous African Languages, German, Spanish, and other foreign languages. These courses will open new avenues for students or working individuals wishing for an opportunity to acquire relevant, competitive training.
The department of Language and Literature Education is the proud mother-department to the department of Journalism and Mass Communication, which is doing very well producing multi- skilled personnel for the media market. To our beloved students, I invite you to set your targets and work closely with your lecturers in order to realize your goals. Your success is our joy.

Ms. Rose Auma
Department of Language and Literature Education (LLE)

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