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The School has endeared itself to the vision of being a leading Centre of excellence in research , development and innovation (RD&I) aimed at addressing national and regional needs for information and communications technology and product development.

The School is supported with research grants from a number of sources including the National commission for Science, Technology and Innovation (NACOSTI) for MSc and PhD research proposals, the Masinde Muliro University Research Grants amongst others.

Research at the School aims to develop innovative solutions to the country’s and region’s daunting challenges.
There are basically five (5) key areas of research interest: -

1. ICT for Development (ICT4D)
Sub-themes: Health Informatics, ICT and Agriculture, ICT and Poverty, ICT and Gender, ICT and Policy Development, E-Waste management

2. Technology Supported Learning
Sub-themes: Development, Adoption, Learning support, Methodologies for design and development, Quality issues, evaluation of e- and m-learning, Collaborative learning, E-Learning analytics, ICT in education management, Sustainability

3. Distributed Systems and Networks
Sub-themes: Web-based technologies and applications, Internet and Web Technologies, Service- based technologies and applications, Grid computing, Cloud Computing, SOA and Networking, Wireless Networks, Security

4. E-Governance
Sub-themes: e-Governance services and solutions, Open source, Mobile governance, ICT Policy on governance, Privacy, modeling/simulation of infrastructure requirements, Software Usability, project management

5. E-Science
Sub-themes: Knowledge management, Data mining and warehousing, Data analytics,
Bioinformatics, Health Informatics, Geometric computations and Graphics

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