We know that our School is only as effective and welcoming as the people who work in it, which is why we take pride in our friendly, well-trained staff members!

Full Time Lecturers

Dr. Kelvin Omieno
Acting Dean, School of ComputingDr. Kelvin Omieno
Dr. Raphael Angulu
LecturerDr. Raphael Angulu
Mr. Waliaro Apollo
LecturerMr. Waliaro Apollo
Mr. Michael Ujunju
LecturerMr. Michael Ujunju
Mr. Paul N. Wabwile
LecturerMr. Paul N. Wabwile
 Ms. Dorothy A. Rambim
Chair, Computer Science Ms. Dorothy A. Rambim
Mr. Paul N. Wabwile
LecturerMr. Paul N. Wabwile
Mr. Nahason Matoke
LecturerMr. Nahason Matoke
Mr. Kimanzi Samuel
LecturerMr. Kimanzi Samuel
Dr. Daniel Otanga
Chair, Information TechnologyDr. Daniel Otanga
Dr. Jasper Ondulo
LecturerDr. Jasper Ondulo
Mr. Laban Oenga
LecturerMr. Laban Oenga
Mr. Jairus Odawa
LecturerMr. Jairus Odawa

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P.O. Box, 190-50100, Kakamega, Kenya

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