Google Developers Study Jams - 10th & 24th February, 2018


  • Cloud Study Jams & Mobile Sites Study Jam Schedules
  • Event Venue: Lbb 011
  • Dates: 10th & 24th February, 2018

What are study JAMS?
Study Jams are community-run study groups for students on Google Developers content, on various product topics.

Event objectives
The objective of Study Jams is to raise the technical proficiency of our global community members through the highest possible course completion rate.

Cloud Study Jams – Programme 10th February, 2018
● Learn how to set up development and production environments in the Cloud.
● Learn how Docker and Kubernetes work, or learn how to process Big Data in the Cloud.
● Get access to, a Google training tool, free of charge (a $70+ value).
● Get Google-hosted badges for their online profiles, to show potential employers what they know about Cloud computing.

Mobile Sites Study Jam-  on 24th Feb, 2018.
Mobile Sites Certification
The quest for mobile web skills is driven by the fact that Mobile now accounts for over half of all web traffic. Users expect their small-screen experiences to be as quick and intuitive as those on desktop. But making the mobile web fast and easy takes some special skills.
We request the school to provide a venue for the events. To run the events effectively, we require a good internet connection and a projector. Both events are expected to last for at most four hours each.

Fridah Kanario

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