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School of Disaster Management and Humanitarian Assistance


Disaster Management and Humanitarian Assistance  is emerging globally as a full-fledged academic discipline. As a field of practice it demands specialisation to meet with the ever-dynamic challenges posed by disasters. Recognising that academic education and training in the field of disaster management requires a multidisciplinary approach, the Centre for Disaster Management was established in MMUST in 2004, before it was later  upgraded to School for Disaster Management and Humanitarian Assistance

Currently the School offers several programmes, in Certificate, Diploma, Undergraduate, and Postgraduate levels.  

The School demonstrates synergies across natural sciences, social sciences and humanities with a focus on building people-centered and participatory approaches towards disaster risk reduction and disaster response. It has carried out systematic work in areas of disaster governance, poverty and exclusion, food security, conflict, human security, GIS and logistics in relation to disasters.

Prof. Kennedy Onkware
DeanProf. Kennedy

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School of Disaster Management and Humanitarian Assistance

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