• Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

    We are an excellent department, offering quality higher education in our field with research focus catering to the needs of the public and being in tune with the advancing technological revolution and changing cultural challenges.

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  • Civil and Structural Engineering

    We provide a comprehensive education and training to engineers using a holistic approach to structural systems engineering at the levels of materials, mechanics, analysis and design.

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  • Electrical and Communication Engineering

    We engage in cutting-edge research and promote academic growth by offering state-of-the-art technology in all our programmes

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Practical Experience

Our undergraduate students gain hands-on experience in our laboratories, industry placements and final year projects. We have laboratories/workshops in areas such as:-

1. Concrete Technology
2. Soils and Highways
3. Environmental engineering
4. Hydraulics
5. Machining
6. Welding
7. Mechanics of Machines
8. Material Testing
9. Power systems
10. Telecommunication
11. Electronic controls
12. Micro-processors and micro wave

Executive Dean


Dr. Bernadette Sabuni
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