Our mandate is to contribute to the solution of problems of education and to prepare skilled education professionals.

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Message from the Dean

alumnixThe School of Education focuses on training teachers and educators who are; passionate and committed to the continuous improvement of education as leaders, contributors to educational and social change, able to influence public policy, and ready to improve community life. In this regard the school aspires to be a leader in the study and practice of education nationally and internationally through academic excellence in; learning, teaching and research. This will be achieved through training which is intellectually stimulating, pedagogically sound and professionally engaging.

Cognizant of the education reforms in Kenya; to develop individual learner’s potential in a holistic and integrated manner, producing intellectually, emotionally and physically balanced citizens, developing competencies, identifying and nurturing of talents, recognizing national values and national cohesion and integrating them into the curriculum and introduction of three learning pathways at senior secondary school level namely; Arts and Sports Science, Science Technical Engineering and Mathematics and Social Sciences, the school has positioned itself at the fore front in training teachers who will take leading roles in implementing the curriculum to ensure success in the education reforms through constant programmes review.

The school prides in training excellent teachers in the region competent in curriculum implementation and leadership in schools and in the education sector at large. The leadership skills and competencies imparted have made the trainees to stand out in creativity and innovation. The school also offers special skills in counselling and inclusive education to all teacher trainees.
The school of Education is also committed to excellence in research. . The excellence of the research produced within the school is widely recognized within Kenya, among peers and in the broader community. The strong and growing research and teaching partnerships with leading universities internationally, such as Ball State University in the USA among others attest to this. The school will continue to develop a research environment and culture to position her in among the top Kenya’s research Schools in Education.

In line with its ambition to strengthen connections with external stakeholders and partners, School research ethos creates a focus on synergistic combination of different disciplines through which fertile new fields of knowledge emerge.
The School acknowledges that meaningful collaboration between disciplines is a significant advantage in a world that now recognizes that many problems are not the province of any one specialization, but are best tackled by multidisciplinary teams.
Convergence research transcends the traditional dichotomy between basic and applied research by accelerating the application of basic research outputs to impact and benefit the economy and society.
FESS combines academic excellence and expertise with a focus on strategic applied research, innovation, and knowledge transfer. FESS graduates demonstrate outstanding achievements in advancing knowledge and making breakthroughs of relevance to the economic, social and cultural development of society.

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