Staff Profile in the Department of Pure and Applied Chemistry


Full Name Of Academic Staff               Qualification (PhD; M.Sc.; M.A. Bsc; Dipl. Etc.)

Prof. Catherine Ngila (An Adjunct Professor)

Phd (Analytical Chemistry). Bachelor Of Education In Science, Bed (Sci), Msc In Chemistry, Kenyatta University, Phd From University Of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia

Prof. Maurice Vincent Omolo Phd Natural Products Chemistry (Phd, Kenyatta University, Msc Kenyatta University
Dr. Francis Orata Omoto Phd (Environmental &Toxicological Chemistry). (Postdoc, Stockholm University Sweden.  Postdoc. Duisburg-Essen, University Germany; Phd Mainz University, Germany). Msc, Environmental Chemistry, University Of Nairobi. Bsc Chemistry, University Of Nairobi
Dr. Benard Juma Post Doc: (Total Synthesis Of Natural Products Chemistry), University Of Rostock Germany. Phd: - (Natural Products Chemistry, Phytochemical And Organic Synthesis), University Of Botswana. Msc: (Organic Chemistry), University Of Nairobi. B.Sc.:- Chemistry, University Of Nairobi
Dr. Danstone Baraza Lilechi Post Doc: - (Bio-Organic Chemistry, Institute Of Plant Bio Chem), Halle Germany, Phd: - Natural Products Chemistry, University Of Dar Es Salaam. Msc:- Natural Products Chemistry (Udsm), Bsc:-  Chemistry, University Of Nairobi
Dr. Isaac K’owino Phd (Biochemical Analysis Chemistry), State University Of New York Binghamton, B.Ed Kenyatta University
Dr. Joseph Owino

Post-Doc:- (Stellenbosch University, South Africa. Phd: - Electro Analytical Chemistry, University Of Western Cape, South Africa.

 Msc:- Natural Products Chemistry, Jkuat

Bsc:- (Chemistry), Jkuat

Dr. Selline Ooko Phd (Organic Chemistry), Moi University. Msc. Moi University
Dr. Benard Omogo

Phd In (Physical Chemistry), University Of Arkansas, Arkansas, Usa

Bed Chemistry And Mathematics, Catholic University Of Eastern Africa, Nairobi.

Mr. Charles Ekisa

B.Sc. (Chemistry), Kenyatta University.

M.Sc. (Organic Chemistry), University Of Nairobi.

Mr. Garshom Mutua

Msc (Inorganic Synthesis)

Dr. Regina Bwire Phd (Natural Products Chemistry University Of Dar Es Salaam, Msc, Bsc Maseno University)
Dr. Roselyne Ongulu Phd (Inorganic Chemistry) Moi University
Mr. Mark Wanyonyi M.Sc.(Natural Products Chemistry) Masinde Muliro, Bed, Masinde Muliro
Mr. Fred Lisouza M.Sc. (Analytical Chemistry, Maseno University, Bed, Egerton University
Dr. Selly Kimosop Phd (Environmental/Physical Chemistry) Masinde Muliro, Msc Masinde Muliro, Bsc, University Of Nairobi
Ms. Velma Adhiambo (Part-Time Lecturer) Msc (Natural Products Chemistry) Masinde Muliro, Bed, Masinde Muliro
Ms. Renee Rosebella Munayi (Part-Time Lecturer) Msc. (Industrial Chemistry) University Of Nairobi. Bsc. Kenyatta University
Mr. Manoah Opanga B.Sc, H. Dipl. Dipl Analytical Chemistry
Ms. Agripina Shitandayi B.Sc, Dipl.  Analytical Chemistry
Ms. Lydia Nandemu B.Sc Chemistry
Ms. Agnes Muyale Dipl. Analytical Chemistry
Ms. Immaculate Keyari B.Sc, Dipl. Analytical Chemistry
Ms. Caroline Waswa B.Sc, Dipl. Analytical Chemistry
Mr. Douglas Ndayala Dipl.  Analytical Chemistry.
Ms. Lilian Shiyenzi B.Sc Chemistry
Ms. Ruth Njeri (Part-Time Technician)

Dipl. Cosmetology & Beauty Technology

Mr. Julius Andim (Student Intern) Bsc. (Chemistry), Masinde Muliro University Of Science And Technology.

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