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Boniface Ndinya

Dr. Bonface Ndinya

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As MMUST continues to grow into a strong University of Choice, we are reminded of how far we have come since its humble beginning in 2002. Today, the Department of Physics is a vibrant section that excels at its mission and is justly recognized as a leader among departments in the University. The Department has grown from a single laboratory and small office space to three laboratories and large office space all housed in the ultra-modern Science Park building. The population of students taking Physics courses in the University has continuously increased year after year.

In line with the MMUST vision and Mission the Department advocates commitment to excellence, dissemination of knowledge, innovative research, consultancy and quality of products.

Our programmes which are constantly reviewed are designed to ensure that the customers remain competitive in the world. This department aims at providing the best experience possible for current and future customers so that they are prepared for success in life. As we continue to strive for excellence, the staff in this department have worked together to identify specific market oriented courses and prioritize needs for the University.

Currently the department has a total of 16 staff- 10 teaching, 5 technical and 1 office administrator, lead by 2 very able professors.

Mission Statement

To generate, preserve and disseminate knowledge by integrating Physics in quality programmes, covering a wide variety of disciplines while engaging interdisciplinary innovative research and consultancy.


• To produce at least 50 graduates equipped with quality Scientific knowledge in Physics through teaching and research by the end of the current MMUST strategic plan.

• To facilitate at least 10 research projects in the areas of Experimental and Theoretical Physics through innovations and for economic development by the end of the current MMUST strategic plan.

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