Medical Laboratory Sciences

The Department of Medical Laboratory Sciences is currently a part of the School of Public Health, Biomedical Science and Technology, itself a part of the wider academic health science component of MMUST. Mooted in 2008, it became operational in the year 2012, with the appointment of its first Chair of Department (COD). It had its first intake of BSc Medical Laboratory Sciences (MLS) a Direct-entry class, in March 2012 and admitted the first class of BSc MLS (Upgrading) in September of the same year. Our BSc MLS (Upgrading) program targets holders of the diploma or HND in MLS. It takes two-and-half academic years; its first cohort of students is in their final year and is due to graduate this year. The Direct-Entry track takes four academic years and its first cohort of students is presently in their Third year of study.

We have already developed MSc curricula for all the Medical Laboratory Science specialties, several biomedical sciences and a BSc in Clinical Medicine, Physiotherapy, Environmental Health Sciences, Phytomedical and Pharmaceutical Technology as well as a conversion postgraduate diploma (PGD) and a basic diploma in Medical Laboratory Sciences. The programs for these curricula are due to be rolled out anytime starting this year.

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