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Dr. Vincent Okenwa
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Optometry is now positioned as a primary health care profession involved in the critical, preventive and rehabilitative aspects of eye care. Optometrists, therefore, form an integral part of the primary healthcare team. The Department of Optometry and Vision Science acknowledges its international recognition hence, seeks to provide high standard training for undergraduate (and yet-to-commence-postgraduate) Optometry programmes and research.

The Optometry programme encompasses teaching, research, development and service to mankind with dignity. The programme aims at harnessing the rapid advances in technology for the production of skilled expertise in eye care delivery systems both locally and internationally.

Realizing that having a high quality Optometric educational system is central to addressing the critical eye care needs of Kenya, the Department of Optometry and Vision Science, runs a four-year undergraduate programme leading to a B.Sc. (Optometry) degree. The graduates of this programme will be professionally competent and on an equal professional status with those trained elsewhere in the world. Welcome to the department of sight and enjoy the insight into our affair

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