Health Promotion And Sports Science

Most of the diseases inflicting the majority of people in developed and developing countries are preventable. Management and control of these diseases and other public health problems require multi-disciplinary approach. This department of health promotion and sports science was established at MMUST to compliment the global efforts to achieve “health for all”.

This will through countering the effects of digitization & mechanisation that have lead to sedentary life styles and hypokinetic conditions. The BSc. programme in the department is meant to a unique blend by utilizing knowledge and competencies in public health and sports science to provide opportunities for learners to develop a critical perspective towards design and implementation of health promotion, rehabilitation and sports science programmes within the context of dynamic social-cultural, economic and environmental realities.

The critical role of the programmes is the empowerment of individuals, families and communities to take control over health-related risk factors and thereby improving their well-being. This is based on the current World Health Organisation (WHO) recommendations that advocate for preventive health approach which also includes physical activity as an effective way of preventing and protecting against lifestyle diseases.Welcome to the Department


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