Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much

We believe in meaningful collaboration creating impact for mutual benefit and are continuously looking to meet with organisations that would like to collaborate or develop a partnership with us.

Find some of our partners below;

  • The Nursery Growing Contract agreement for Artemisia Annua seedlings was signed between MMUST and Botanical Extract EPZ CO. Ltd. MMUST is preparing to sign a new contract namely ‘Supply Contract for Artemisia Annua’ which has replaced the Nursery Growing Contract making MMUST a supplier of the plant.
  • The University has been empowering Kakamega Stingless Bees Farmers Association (KASTBEFA) by buying particular indigenous tree species that are important in stingless bee farming and buying their honey, which through value addition was being processed for sale at the University Science Park.
  • Production of Unique Ladies Handbags from Recycled Materials was identified as one of the Performance Contract targets for the period 2013/2014 between MMUST and the Government of Kenya the Incubation project brought on board Alice Lung’aho a talented incubatee from Kakamega Self help women group to collaborate with as an incubatee in the production of the bags.

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