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Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology (MMUST) Vice Chancellor, Prof. Solomon Shibairo, has today, 2nd September, 2022 addressed first year students as the weeklong orientation process came to a conclusion. This key event, which took place at the Graduation Grounds was designed for the Vice Chancellor to interact and officially welcome the new students to campus. The event was also attended by the DVC, Administration and Finance (A&F) and DVC Academic and Students affairs, deans and directors, Chairpersons of departments, academic and non- academic staff as well as the other continuing students.

Speaking during the event, Prof. Shibairo acknowledged the MMUST’s freshmen as he applauded them for excelling in their KCSE examinations and gaining entry into this incredible community of higher learning. He assured the students that they made an excellent choice to join MMUST.

“MMUST is one of the top public Universities in Kenya that offer a wide range of market-driven programmes. All our eleven (11) Schools are engaged in preparing our students for the competitive job market. Moreover, we have the necessary facilities and resources that will facilitate your academic journey,” said Prof. Shibairo

VC recognized 2022

Prof. Solomon Shibairo, Prof. John Kuria Thuo and Prof. Hussein Golicha consult each other.

Further, the VC recognized students from various countries and communities as well as those belonging to the special group of people living with disabilities (PWDs). Prof. Shibairo noted that security is the most fundamental factor of students’ lives while at the University. He assured the students that the University has taken the necessary measures to ensure their safety.

The Deputy Vice Chancellor (DVC), Administration and Finance (A&F), Prof. John Kuria Thuo, commended the new students’ efforts to work hard up to this level. He reminded the students that the University is ready to help them acquire knowledge and skills that will be of value to the society.

 “Alongside the thousands of students admitted in different institutions of higher learning across the country, you have joined the cream of academia. However, this is not the main achievement. You need to be proud of yourself and to know that the society has entrusted and invested a lot in you. I urge you to remain focused and strive to excel in your studies,” advised Prof. Thuo.

vc adress 2022 4

A section of MMUST academic staff procession arrives at the event.

In his address, the DVC in-charge of Academic and Students affairs, Prof. Hussein Golicha, pointed out that MMUST is a student-centered institution, which recognizes the importance of its students. “Every one of you is an integral part of this University. As such, you will contribute to the realization of our strategic objectives, mission and vision.  With this in mind, we will continuously enhance our curricula and co-curricular activities to provide the best support for you,” he stated.

Notably, Prof. Golicha, lauded staff for welcoming, advising, guiding and mentoring the new students on how to lead successful lives both in campus and outside, adding that this would ensure the students graduate without a hitch.

vc address 2022 7

A selfie with the head of the institution.

The Registrar, Academic Affairs, Prof. Thomas Sakwa echoed Prof. Golicha’s sentiments, stating that the staff have taken the new students through a comprehensive orientation programme from Saturday, 27th August, 2022 to 2nd September, after the Vice Chancellor’s address.

“The education that you will receive here in MMUST is not only technical and practical knowledge but also preparation for local and global challenges in the real world. We will equip you with the soft skills and nurture you to be responsible global citizens,” he added.

The renowned professor advised the students to take ownership of their learning and step out of their comfort zone as they embark on this new and exciting journey. “The coming years you will spend in this great University, will be among the most crucial and empowering times of your lives. Give your best to enable you to take pride in what you will have achieved.” 

2022 models

MMUST models, Miss Culture, Miss Curvy and Mr. MMUST.

Reiterating the fact that MMUST is a student- centred University, the MMUSO Secretary General, Miss Tevivona Ayen and theMMUSO Chairman, Mr. Samuel Motari thanked the University management for organizing the meeting with first year students. They were accompanied by other student leaders including MMUST models, miss culture, miss curvy and Mr. MMUST.

Indeed, MMUST is a student-centered institution that recognizes the importance of its students. This address by the top management of the University is evidence that the institution truly values the academic growth and welfare of students.

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