The MMUST Institute of Indigenous Knowledge and Cultural Studies (IIKS) Showcases at IREN Technologies and ITIP2022 Trade and Culture Fair

The MMUST Institute of Indigenous Knowledge and Cultural Studies (IIKS) was part of the Inter Region Economic Network (IREN) Technologies and Innovations Platform (ITIP2022) Trade and Culture Fair which took place on Tuesday 13th December at the Nabongo Cultural Centre-Mumias.

The event was organized by Region Economic Network (IREN) in conjunction with the Friedrich Neumann Foundation. MMUST was represented by Prof. John Shiundu and Dr. Lucy Mandillah who are the founding Director and Deputy Director of the Institute of Indigenous Knowledge and Cultural Studies (IIKS) respectively. Prof. Shiundu, who was a speaker during one of the panel sessions stressed on the need for people to understand Intellectual Property and the rights they have as innovators. He presented on “Intellectual Property Rights as a key to food security”. Intellectual property rights are the rights that a person owns over the designs of their minds. These rights always give the innovator a special rights over the use of their innovation for a certain period of time.

The event was marked by Poster exhibitions and IG food innovation culinary arts, Expert panel discussions and Cultural presentations. During the event youth showcased 13 tech innovation prototypes to rural farmers.

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