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MMUST Pushes for Acquisition of Modern Biology Concepts in Schools

omayioMMUST has enhanced its efforts in imparting good attitude in science subjects among secondary school students. Various MMUST science experts have been on outreach missions in schools across the Western and Nyanza regions. In the field of biology, a young Biotechnology Scholar, Mr. Dennis Omayio, has been on a mission to promote emerging concepts in the biology field to help boost student interest in the subject. Mr. Omayio, an alumnus of the famous Alliance Boys High School, was on a mission in various schools in Siaya County, with a major stop over at St. Francis Rang’ala Girls Secondary School on 9th July 2018.

“Having students attain deeper understanding of biological concepts right from high school could enable them gain better understanding of highly technical courses such as Medicine and Biotechnology in the universities,” he said. He supports the ideals of Transformative Education that could help develop relevant biology curriculum content that could properly address problems in Africa. He further said that there have been rising cases of student unrest in many schools linked to unproductive academic practices, which even deny children ample social time and investment in extra-curricular activities.

His sentiments coincide with the upcoming World Conference on Transformative Education (WCTE) 2018, with the visionary theme “Rethinking, Curriculum, Pedagogy and Research in Africa” which will be hosted by MMUST on 26th-28th July 2018.

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