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YADI forges war Against Drug Abuse Amongst Youth and Street Children

The Youth Against Drug Initiative  (YADI), under the Peer Counseling Club, is  one of the youth-led passionate and transformative  programs founded  by MMUST students-  Kevin lchingwa,  Tobias Nairuki and Dennis Kirui with  an aim of empowering  youths in Kakamega County to overcome the  abuse of drugs and  substances. According  to  Kevin lchingwa,  the  high  poverty  levels in Kakamega, peer pressure, unemployment,   broken families and  poor educational  backgrounds are some of the leading causes of abuse of drugs and substances amongst the youths.

"Two out of five youths, mostly in high schools and universities, abuse drugs. This is why school programs  need to incorporate  specialized education  on drug  abuse. We plan to visit as many schools as possible with  an aim of making our schools drug-free zones but we can't achieve this overnight.    Other   stakeholders   such  as  school   administrators,    spiritual   leaders,   medical practitioners,   street   children,   students,   the   community    and  the   County   Government   of Kakamega have a  role to  play in the  fight  against  drugs  and  substance abuse amongst  the youths," said lchingwa.

YADI student  members together  with  other charity  initiatives  such as Bread4Street take part in various Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities such as donation  of food and essentials to street children  and advising them  against drug and substance abuse. The Youth  Against Drug Initiative  also provides mentorship  to high school students and communities  within  Kakamega by creating awareness and education against drug and substance abuse with an aim of reducing the number  of school dropouts,  early teenage  pregnancies, spread of HIV/AIDS  and crime rateamongst the youths.

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