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The CBA talks and signing ceremony were attended by, among others, UASU Joint Negotiation Committee (JNC), Vice Chancellor, Prof. Solomon Shibairo, Deputy Vice Chancellor, Administration and Finance, Prof. John Kuria Thuo, Deputy Vice Chancellor, Planning Research and Innovation, Prof. Charles Mutai, the Deputy Vice Chancellor, Academic and Students Affairs, Prof. Hussein Golicha, the Ag. Registrar Administration, Dr. Eglay Tsuma, Mr. Josephat Shigogodi, Mr. Bernard Ooko and Mr. Felix Ajuoga.

After the successful signing ceremony, the JNC team accompanied by the UASU officials conducted a bilateral meeting with the UASU staff members. The event was held at the MCU 001 from 12.00 pm. This was a good opportunity for members to participate and get updated on union matters as well as important issues regarding your welfare.

 “The Union is in safe hands,” said the Secretary General, UASU National Office, Dr. Constantine Wasonga. His sentiments were echoed by the Chairperson, UASU National Office, Ms. Grace Wekesa, who stressed that Union matters should always come first. “This is why we are here today. I am glad that the workload issues are taken seriously as depicted by the CBA signed today and I am certain that NSG UASU is working behind the scenes for the benefit of the members,” she added.

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From right: The Vice Chancellor, Prof. Solomon Shibairo, DVC A&F Prof. John Kuria Thuo and the DVC PRI, Prof. Charles Mutai appending their signatures.

Further, Dr. Wasonga expressed disappointment with dons who get to higher offices in government and forget the matters of UASU. He encouraged dons to go for elective positions, adding that dons’ retirement age is now at 74 years. Additionally,

he applauded MMUST for good relations among members and encouraged them to keep up with the good work they are currently doing. “Uphold professionalism in executing duties. Do not compromise with exam issues such as marks,” stated Dr. Wasonga.

The Secretary General- UASU MMUST Chapter, Dr. Bernard Omogo pointed out that payment of agency fee has now been gazetted and that those who are not bonafide members will be required to pay this fee without enjoying the benefits and due rights of the union members.

“The CBA that has been today signed has several benefits. I thank the National Office leadership for joining us on this important occasion. I appeal to you to visit MMUST frequently,” said Dr. Omogo.


The UASU National Office, UASU MMUST Chapter officials together with a section of UASU members.

The veteran unionist, Prof. Samuel Kubasu, fondly known as ‘Kwashe’ assured the National SG that MMUST Chapter is committed to the ideals of the union and are ready to walk their talk. “We are grateful to have the topmost leadership in UASU come to help us append signatures to the signed CBA,” said Prof. Kubasu.

The other members of the union present included the Chairman, Dr. Jairus Odawa (Chairman), Dr. Consolata Lusweti (Vice Chairperson), Dr. Humphrey Agevi (Deputy Secretary General), Mr. Phillip Amuyunzu (Organizing Secretary), Dr. Angeline Savala (Treasurer), Mr. Shadrack Opunde (Trustee), Dr. Christine Onyango (Delegate), Dr. Joyce Kasili (Delegate), Dr. Regina Bwire (Delegate) and Ms. Isabella Kiprono (Trustee). Also present were ex-UASU officials Dr. Rose Opiyo, Mr. Robinson Oduma, Dr. Fridah Njeru and Mr. Momanyi Nyakoye.

The signing of this CBA is certainly the beginning of a long journey of negotiations that will benefit members of UASU. The union is now focused on the negotiations for the signing of the CBA 2017-2021

 By: Dr. Lydia Anyonje and Linet Owuor

Photos by: Wilberforce Shiundu

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