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In her remarks, Dr. Musangi Mutua stated that performance contracting is an instrument that defines responsibility between two (2) parties. She was particularly pleased with the 2020/2021 results and the path the University is taking. “The implementation of this Performance Contract (PC), shows that MMUST is on course and will perform even better. Today as I sign this contract, I have no doubt that you have understood what is in it. The council stands behind you, has faith in you and is sure this contract is going to be implemented as it should,” said Dr. Mutua.


The Chairman of the Finance Committee of Council Mr. Joshua Onyango, Chairperson of Council Dr. Musangi J. Mutua, VC Prof. Solomon Shibairo, DVC Administration and Finance, Prof. John Kuria Thuo at the signing PC signing ceremony.

She further noted that the 2021/2022 Performance Contract (PC) has two (2) additional areas. These include Business Process Engineering and Science Tech Innovation. The Science Tech Innovation area already has someone who has been appointed to spearhead and give the requisite report to the National Commission for Science, Technology and Innovation (NACOSTI).

Concurring with Dr. Mutua, the Chairman of the Finance Committee of Council Mr. Joshua Onyango pointed out that Cost Centre heads must set objectives but also be ready to actualize them. “All of us must ensure that we achieve our intended objectives. MMUST Council supports you in your endeavours,” he said.

The Vice Chancellor Prof. Solomon Shibairo was pleased with the University’s webometrics ranking. He said that the signing of the Performance Contract will strengthen MMUST’s culture of quality and will bring synergy in all the Divisions for better performance and service delivery.

pc2The VC, Prof. Solomon Shibairo addresses the participants.

Prof. Shibairo expressed his faith in the University staff and called on all section heads to cultivate strong linkages with useful contacts outside the University, adding that this will avail back-links with institutions and organizations that matter.

“We need to foster electronic relationships especially in this digital era. It is the modern way of doing business. I expect each cost centre to form a back-link every semester,” he stated.

The Deputy Vice Chancellor Administration and Finance, Prof. John Kuria Thuo advised Cost Centre Heads to internalize their performance contract and generate their own basic dashboard to help them track their own performance. “We need to document what we are doing through minutes, programs and reports,” he noted.

Speaking during the function, the Deputy Vice Chancellor, Planning, Research and Innovation Prof. Charles Mutai said that achievement of set targets requires teamwork. “This is the 4th cycle of the Performance Contract (PC) and we look forward to celebrating achievements of the 2021/2022 Performance Contract. Let us work as a team to reach our desired goal,” he added.

pc3MMUST top leadership during the Performance Contract signing ceremony.

The Deputy Vice Chancellor Academic and Student Affairs (ASA), Prof. Hussein Golicha reiterated that the performance contract will ventilate all areas of the University’s operations and light up the path towards successful attainment of our mission and vision.

“The signing of the performance contract is not an end in itself but the beginning of work that needs to be done through implementation,” he stated.

Besides determining the quality and efficiency in service delivery, the signing of the performance contracts is significant in the actualization of the University’s plans and objectives. The ball is certainly in the court of the heads of cost centres.


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