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The workshop was graced by the Deputy Vice Chancellor, Academic and Student Affairs, Prof Hussein Golicha, who represented the Vice Chancellor, Prof. Solomon Shibairo. In his opening remarks, Prof. Golicha appreciated the organizers of the workshop stating that school practice is a key aspect in the learning experience of students pursuing education. He urged the lecturers to conduct frequent school practice sessions for students, to develop their awareness, skills and professional capacity to enable peak performance in the subject specializations. 


The Deputy Vice Chancellor, Academic and Student Affairs Prof. Hussein Golicha, addressing the lecturers at the workshop.

The Dean School of Education, Prof. Moses Poipoi noted that to professionalize teacher education, student-teachers undergo a curriculum that is both academically and professionally driven, to allow them to reinforce their content knowledge and be introduced to teaching skills. Additionally, he said that all student-teachers need to undergo school practice in order to get school life experiences before they embark on the teaching profession. 


A section of the workshop participants.

Prof. Poipoi encouraged the lecturers to keenly conduct classroom observation and provide constructive feedback on specific aspects of teacher practice, so that student-teachers can improve their use of class time, the quality of their comments on the responses of students, their instructive practices and relationship with their students. 

Speaking on paradigm shift, the veteran professor of Education Prof. John Shiundu said that education, among other social institutions, is dynamic and therefore is not immune to change. As a result, it has evolved from indigenous, traditional, then to modern education. He noted that new theories about teacher education and learning have emerged and influenced the concept process, curriculum, teaching and learning.

 “Teacher’s roles cannot be limited to the classroom or the traditional role of transferring knowledge. They should facilitate learning and endeavor to provide a conducive environment alongside serving as a guide, advisor, mentor and counsellor to students. To create an educated teacher, student-teachers need to undergo a broad spectrum curriculum and not just teacher training,” said Prof. Shiundu. He also asked the lecturers to prepare student-teachers in an all-round manner rather than focusing on the classroom alone.

The Chairman of the Department, Curriculum and Instruction Technology, Prof. Aggrey M. Simiyu, pointed out that the school practice activity is crucial to the production of efficient and effective teachers, adding that skillful supervision of this school practice is an essential condition to achieving the same. He urged the lecturers to learn something new that will help them produce good teachers and improve the quality of teaching and learning. 


The Chairman of the Department, Curriculum and Instruction Technology, Prof. Aggrey M. Simiyu, making a point at the workshop.

The workshop attracted diverse presentations including ‘Concept and Practice of Teacher Advising’, ‘Structure and Procedure of School Practice’, ‘Evaluation of Instruments’, ‘Teaching of languages’, ‘Teaching of Mathematics’, ‘Science and Education’, ‘Teaching of Social Sciences’, ‘Supervision of Guidance and Counselling’, ‘Teaching EYE’, ‘Teaching Technology’ and ‘The Impact of School Practice on the Community’ from different scholars.

The fruitful workshop brought together renowned professors of education composed of Prof. Peter Odera, the Registrar Academic Affairs, Prof. Thomas Sakwa, Rev. Prof. Judith Achoka, the Director of Post Graduate Studies, Prof. Stephen O. Odebero, the Registrar Planning Research and Innovation, Prof. Alice Ndiema, Director, Curriculum Review and Development, Prof. Judah Ndiku, among others.

There is a need to train students comprehensively for the benefit and posterity of learning. School Practice is a learning process that provides students with holistic development and real perception of what they are required of. This School Practice Advising workshop is evidence that MMUST is on the right track in teacher training education.

By Linet Owuor  and Caren Mutoro

Photos by Charity Idaya 

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