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MMUST Students to Get Industry Links as the University Begins MOU Talks With Innovative Academic Placement Solutions

Speaking during the meeting, Prof. Ndiema expressed gratitude to INAPS for considering to partner with MMUST on its (INAPS) .’“We are hoping for a Memorandum of Understanding so that we can formalize this partnership. I am glad that MMUST will be part of creating and producing a critical mass of students who are ready to make a significant impact on the society,” said Prof. Ndiema.


Ms. Emma Njiru gives her presentation.

In her presentation, Ms. Njiru stated that the overall objective of this initiative is geared towards attaining a ‘Critical Thinker-Change Agent Graduate’ (CTCAG), who is able to impact the society immediately after graduation. Further, she pointed out that INAPS is a platform that connects students with the industry in terms of industrial attachments, internships and jobs. “INAPS partners with institutions of higher learning and the industry in an effort to address issues affecting the society, such as climate change. We have been in operation for about seven years and have been able to extend our reach to Cameroon, Ghana and Tanzania,” she said.

“Every student has a unique idea but the only problem is that they lack platforms to actualize them. Most students are not given the freedom to think outside the box. Others do not even know what to do with their degrees,” stated the Chief Regional Advisor. According to Mr. Araka, INAPS equips students with both critical thinking and research skills. “It’s time to teach our students and the youth in general to look for solutions to problems. This is where the money lies! A student should not seek employment. Employers should seek the student but this can only be possible if he or she is creative as well as a critical thinker,” said Mr. Araka.


Mr. Juvenal Araka gives his presentation.

Other MMUST members present during the meeting were; Dr. Dennis Ochieno, Dr. Edward Mugalavai, Dr. Cedric Okinda, Mr. Erick Wendo, Mr. Nelman Monari and Mr. Charles Otieno.

INAPS’ approach to tackling societal challenges by harnessing the power of young people is quite remarkable and MMUST’s students will certainly benefit from this partnership.

By Mary Wangari Wambugu

Photos by Gabriel Juma 

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