Prof. Elizabeth N. W. Omukunda

Prof. Elizabeth N. W. Omukunda

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Department of Biological Sciences

School of Natural Sciences (MMUST)

P.O. Box 190-50100

Kakamega, KENYA

Office no. SPD Block B Room 203

Kakamega-Webuye Road

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Prof. Elizabeth N. W. Omukunda

Elizabeth Omukunda is a PhD holder in Cell and molecular biology. Her academic and research interests are in Entomology, Parasitology and Macro-invertebrates. Her major scholarly contribution was her role in determining ecological factors that influence malaria transmission in the Western Kenya Highlands. She is a professional educator, passionate in developing competent scientists and educators, keen to meet community needs through research. She mentors and supervises MSc and PhD students. Elizabeth has published widely in referred journals. She currently serves as the Associate Dean of the School of Natural Sciences

Some of her key published works include:

  1. Zedekiah Odira Onyando, Elizabeth Omukunda, Patrick Okoth, Sandra Khatiebi, Solomon Omwoma,Peter Otieno, Odipo Osano and Joseph Lalah. Screening and Prioritization of Pesticide Application for Potential Human Health and Environmental Risks in Largescale Farms in Western KenyaPublished on 31st May 2023 in Agriculture. DOI:
  2. Joyce K. Osoro, Maxwell G. Machani, Eric Ochomo, Christine Wanjala, Elizabeth Omukunda, Andrew K. Githeko, Guiyun Yan & Yaw A. Afrane.Insecticide resistant Anopheles gambiae have enhanced longevity but reduced reproductive fitness and a longer first gonotrophic cycle. Scientific Reports. Published: 23 May 2022.
  3. Kiiti, R W, Omukunda EN and Korir CJ 2020. Risk Factors Associated with Helminthic Intestinal Infection in Lurambi Subcounty, Kakamega, Kenya.Journal of Parasitology Research Volume 2020, Article ID 8810519, 9 pages
  4. Werunga D K, Omukunda EN and Korir CJ. 2020. Prevalence and intensity of intestinal helminths infections in Pre-school pupils in Lugari Sub-County, Kakamega County, Kenya. Journal of Parasitological Research Volume 2020 |Article ID 8871042 | DOI:
  5. Wekesa A Wanyonyi, Chrispinus S Mulambalah, David H. Mulama, Elizabeth Omukunda, Malaria prevalence and risk analysis among pregnant women in Bungoma county, Kenya. Medicine Science 2019;8(2):301-5 doi: 0.5455/medscience.2018.07.8947
  6. Wekesa A. Wanyonyi, Mulambalah, Mulama DH, Elizabeth Omukunda and Darwin Injete Siteti. 2018. Malaria and Geohelminthiasis Co-infections in Expectant Women: Effect on Maternal Health and Birth Outcomes in a Malaria Endemic Region in Kenya. Journal of Parasitology Research 2018 Article ID 2613484, 8 pages. DOI:
  7. Wekesa A Wanyonyi, Elizabeth Omukunda, Chrispinus S Mulambalah, David Mulama 2018. Geohelminthiasis: risk factor analysis, prevalence and infection intensity among pregnant women in Bungoma County, Kenya International Journal of Healthcare Sciences ISSN 2348-5728 (Online) Vol. 6, Issue 2, pp: (41-48), Month: October 2018 - March 2019, Available at:
  8. Wamalwa NIE, C.A.O. Midega CAO, Ajanga S, Omukunda EN, Muyekho FN,Asudi GO, Mulaa M, Khan ZR. 2017. Screening Napier grass accessions for resistance to Napier grass stunt disease using the loop-mediated isothermal amplification of DNA (LAMP). Crop Protection 98: 61-69. DOI:
  9. Martin Karani, Elizabeth Omukunda, Dennis Omayio Samuel Ajanga. 2016. ‘Comparative Evaluation of the Distribution and Severity of Busseola fusca and Chilo partellus in Selected Agro- Ecological Zones of Western Kenya. Journal of Agriculture and Veterinary Science (IOSR-JAVS) e-ISSN: 2319-2380, p-ISSN: 2319-2372. 9 (9): 56-61. DOI:
  10. Elizabeth Omukunda, Andrew Githeko, Millicent F. Ndong’a, Emmanuel Mushinzimana, Harrison Atieli & Peter Wamae. 2013. Malaria vector population dynamics in highland and lowland regions of western Kenya. J Vector Borne Dis 50: 85–92. PMID: 23995309
  11. Elizabeth Omukunda, P D Theron & E A Ueckermann. 2012. Spinibdella Thor (Acari: Bdellidae) from southern Africa: descriptions of five new species and the re-description of S. thori (Meyer & Ryke). Zootaxa 3304: 1–24
  12. Elizabeth Omukunda, Andrew Githeko, Millicent F. Ndong’a, Emmanuel Mushinzimana and Guiyun Yan. 2012 Effect of swamp cultivation on distribution of anopheline larval habitats in Western Kenya. J Vector Borne Dis 49: 61–71. PMID: 22898476
  13. Elizabeth Omukunda P D Theron & E A Ueckermann. 2007. New Species of the genus Biscirus (Acari: Bdellidae) from South Africa. Acarina 15(2): 269-282
  14. Noboru Minakawa, Elizabeth Omukunda, Guofa Zhou, Andrew Githeko and GuiyuYan. 2006. Malaria vector productivity in relation to the highland environment in Kenya Am. J. Trop. Med. Hyg 75(3): 448-453 DOI:
  15. Bryson Ndenga, Andrew Githeko, Elizabeth Omukunda Harrysonne Atieli, Peter Wamai, Godwil Otsyula, Harrysonne Atieli, Peter Wamai, Noboru Minakawa, Ghoufa Zhou and Guiyun Yan. 2006. Population dynamics of malaria vectors in Western Kenya. J. Med. Ent. 43(2):200-206 DOI:[0200:pdomvi];2


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