Mr. Benard Oloo Nyangoye

Mr. Benard Oloo Nyangoye

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Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

 School of Engineering and Built Environment (MMUST)

P.O. Box 190-50100

Kakamega, KENYA

Office no. LBB Room 305

Kakamega-Webuye Road

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Mr.Benard Oloo Nyangoye

Mr. Benard Oloo Nyangoye is a Tutorial Fellow in the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering at Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology.  He holds a Masters Degree in Material Science Engineering from Donghua University (Shanghai China) and he has over five years of experience in teaching and research. He currently teaches Composite Materials, Fluid Mechanics, Material Science, Pollution Control, Metrology and Surface treatment of Metals to undergraduate students. His key areas of research interest are in Polymer Engineering, energy and environmental pollution control. Mr. Nyangoye has published extensively in refereed Journals and he has participated and made numerous contributions in Scientific Conferences. He also has vast Industrial experience owing to his continuous involvement in projects in the processing and Manufacturing Industry.

Some of his key published works include: -

  1. Benard Oloo Nyangoye,Long Chen ,Li Tianyou,Cai Zhengguo. Reactivity Comparison of ω-Alkenols and Higher 1-Alkenes in Copolymerization with Propylene Using An Isospecific Zirconocene-MMAO Catalyst ,mdpi Polymer Journal (2015)
  2. Moses Apunda Otieno ,Benard Oloo Nyangoye , Challenges and Opportunities of wind energy technology, International Journal of Development Research.  (2017)
  3.  Moses Otieno Apunda, Benard Oloo Nyangoye, Selection of a Combined Heat and Power (chp), generation compared to buying of electrical power from the national grid and separate thermal heat production. Open Science Journal. (2017)
  4. Benard Odhiambo obondo, Benard Oloo Nyangoye , Microscopy Simple or Advance Technique of Material Characterization, Open Science Journal.(2019)
  5. Benard Oloo Nyangoye, Benard odhiambo obondo , Metallocene Catalyzed Homopolymerization of Propylene with a C2 symmetric Isospecific Zirconecene/MMAO Catalysts under different Polymerization conditions, Open Journal of Organic Polymer Materials.(2020)

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