Prof. Lt. Col. (rtd) John Martin Okoth

Prof. Lt. Col. (rtd) John Martin Okoth

okothDepartment of Nursing research education and management

School of Nursing, Midwifery and Paramedics (MMUST).

P.O. Box 190-501

Kakamega, KENYA

Office no. Star Annex Room 005

Kakamega-Webuye Road

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Prof. Lieutenant Colonel (Rtd)   John Martin Okoth.

Prof Okoth is Clinical Scholar in Nursing and Medical Education holding Doctor of Science in Nursing (PhD), Master of Philosophy Medical Education (MPhil), Diploma Advanced Nursing, Diploma in Midwifery, Diploma Registered Nursing.
Prof Okoth is the current Chair of School of Nursing postgraduate studies Committee, MMUST Covid 19 Rapid Response Team, Chair of Kakamega Covid 19 Technical and Public Health Subcommittee, former Executive Dean and Chair of Department. Prof Okoth is a long serving resource person for the Commission for University Education, Nursing Council of Kenya as well as a member of MMUST Curriculum review Board and TVET Board. Prof Okoth is also the chair of MMUST ODEL Board and External examiner for several universities.

Some of his key publication:

  1. Manyenze, V, Prof. Lt. Col (Rtd) John .M. Okoth and Ms. Lilian Isiaho: Socio-Demographic Characteristics Associated With Health-Related Quality Of Life Among Patients With Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus At Tenwek Hospital Journal of Health, Medicine and Nursing, ISSN 2520-4025 (Online), Vol.7, Issue 3. No.4, pp 41- 50, 2021
  2. Dinnah Akosa Okwiri, Prof. Lt Col (Rtd) John Martin Okoth and Dr. Tecla Psusma Sum: Healthcare Providers’ Factors Influencing Trauma Care Preparedness in Accident and Emergency Department of Selected Hospitals in Kakamega County, Kenya, Journal of Health, Medicine and NursingISSN 2520-4025(Online)Vol.6, Issue 3, No. 2, pp 22-33, 2021
  3. Thomas Ong'ondo Ng'ambwa1, Prof. Lt Col (Rtd) John Martin Okoth2 & Dr. Tecla Psusma Sum3 Factors Influencing Control of Blood Pressure Levels Among Hypertensive Adult Patients in Selected Hospitals, Kakamega County, Kenya, Journal of Health, Medicine and Nursing ISSN 2520-4025 (Online) Vol.6, Issue 2, No.4, pp 42-71, 2021.
  4. Lorna N Obanda, J. Okoth, Dr. Samuel Ngarngar: Evaluating the Management of Community Acquired Pneumonia in Children Under Five Years among Healthcare Providers, Kakamega County Hospital, International Journal of Recent Innovations in Medicine and Clinical Research (IJRIMCR) ISSN: 2582-1075, 2020
  5. Robina Ogendo, LT. Col (RTD) John M. Okoth, Lilian Isiaho; Evaluation of Clinical Management Of Cryptococcal Meningitis Among Health Care IOSR Journal of Nursing and Health Science (IOSR-JNHS), e-ISSN: 2320–1959.p- ISSN: 2320–1940 Volume 8, Issue 5 Ser. X. (Sep-Oct .2019), PP 54-63

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