Rev. Fr. Dr. Kizito Muchanga Lusambili

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School of Arts and Social Sciences
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Kakamega, KENYA
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Rev. Fr. Dr. Kizito Muchanga Lusambili

Rev. Fr. Dr Kizito Muchanga Lusambili holds a doctorate degree in Peace and Conflict Studies who offers pastoral duties as a Chaplain at MMUST. He has majorly contributed to academia by publishing a book of university level and published over 15 articles in peer reviewed journals. In the larger community he serves as Chairman Board of Governors St. Peters’ High School, Mumias and as Secretary General of Kakamega County Interfaith Forum. He currently seves as a Senior Lecturerer, supervisor and still writing a book on indigenous knowledge of the Isukha and Idakho communities.

Some of his major publications:

  1. Adelaide M Lusambili, Robert Nyakundi, Christine Ngaruiya, Kizito L Muchanga, Ahaya L Ochieng, Laurie M Vusolo, Newton Joseph Guni. Understanding influences on mental health among over 70-year-olds in Kenya using a life course theory.Published on 25th may 2023 in F1000Research DOI:
  2. Kizito Lusambili Muchanga. The Ecology and Economic Practices of the Isukha and Idakho Communities in Colonial Period 1895-1963. Published on 1 January 2023 in Athens Journal of History. DOI:
  3. Adelaide Lusambili, Sadiq Bhanbhro and Fr. Dr. Kizito Muchanga. Positionality, Access to the Social Space and Place of Research: Narratives from Research in Low Resource SettingsPositionality, Access to the Social Space and Place of Research: Narratives from Research in Low Resource Settings. published: 30 April 2020. Peoples' Place and Policy. DOI:
  4. The Catholic Church Contribution to Peace building process in Kakamega County Kenya (PhD Thesis), Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology, 2016
  5. Kizito Muchanga Lusambili,Frank .K. Matanga,Ezekiel Kasiera. PEACEBUILDING CHALLENGES FACED BY THE CATHOLIC CHURCH IN KAKAMEGA COUNTY - KENYA. published on september 2016 inInternational Journal of Recent Research in Social Sciences and Humanities (IJRRSSH).
  6. Colonial Impact on the Economy of Isukha-Idakho Communities of Western Kenya (M.A.Thesis), Kenyatta University, 1998
  7. Deeper Evangelization: A Challenge to basic Catechesis in Mukumu Parish – Kakamega Diocese (B.A Dissertation in Theology), St. Mbaaga Major Seminary Ggaba, Uganda, 2006
  8. The concept of Evil among the Abakakamega of Western Kenya (B.A Dissertation in Philosophy), St. Mbaaga Major Seminary Ggaba, Uganda, 2002


  1. Kizito L. Muchanga. Peace Building in Kenya: The Catholic Church’s Contribution.

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